Born in the heart of Phnom Penh of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Manory Pres has been growing up to be an artist. He always knew he liked to capture the beauty out of a person through his camera's lenses. Although his parents are still in Cambodia, Manory had to move to the United States of America for almost ten years now, he lives with his sister and aunt and works for the living in Lakewood, CA. He adores his dog, Princess, so much and does not have many friends.


Fashion photography has always been his priority. By self-praticing and guidances from his good friend Sean Sithikun and Chem Vuth Sovin who are both very successful fashion photographers in Cambodia, Manory started doing photography as a part-time job from mostly portraits to fashion. 


Now that he is based in Lakewood, CA, Manory enters the new World of photography and shows his true heart and feeling through the soul his works.